Michael Dean

Michael Dean started his journey in the arts back in 1988 as an up and coming rapper in the Seattle hip-hop scene. The release of his independent single ‘The Master”, lead to a mention in the Source magazine. Michael lent his talents on keyboard and vocals touring the midwest with The Evil Tambourines (SubPop) opening for Sir Mix-O-Lot in 1999. From there Michael joined the business side of the music business and operated a CD/DVD replication business for 15 years.

In 1995 Michael started to blog about Prince on the internet. Michael along with a few others was invited to a private online chat with Prince to discuss involvement in creating a website for the musical icon. (Love4oneanother) Michael respectfully declined but was so honored to be considered that he was inspired to start a new website called ‘FreedomTrainOnline’ which would morph into The Prince Podcast. For over 15 years The Prince Podcast, now called Podcast On Prince has done in-depth interviews with band members and associates. Featured in the Huffington Press and Forbes. Michael recently moderated the event ‘Prince: From Minneapolis to the World’ for the Minnesota Historical Society.

Michael came back to his musical roots in 2010 and has since released 3 albums: Stroke The Mind B4 The Behind, Rainydayjams Vol.1, and Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince.

Michael also added author to his list of talents. His 1st science fiction novel Truths Destiny (The Destiny Saga) (Volume 1) was released in 2014.

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