Eloy Lasanta

Eloy Lasanta is the host of the Prince’s Friend Youtube Channel for the last 4 years, Eloy started his Prince journey in 1990 with Graffiti Bridge, giving him a strong appreciation for this year’s symposium subject. Since he was a kid, Eloy’s been diving deep into Prince’s catalog and learning everything he could about the man and the music and the legend. Spreading his love of Prince has been his lifelong goal. While Eloy has done many reviews of Prince albums and even interviewed alumni from the Prince camp, he is most well-known for his unique view of Prince as a storyteller and the ability to break down songs and albums in new ways. This, unsurprisingly, comes from his background as a writer and game designer which he has done professionally for over a decade. Producing high-quality videos for Youtube that help bring others into Prince’s music has overtaken much of his time these days, though, which is why he’s so happy to be attending this symposium.

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